1. New customers ( If you don’t have a PayPal account )

PayPal Step 1

  1. Fill in the required fields like your credit card information and billing address. Enter an email address, date of birth and password to create a PayPal account and click Agree & Pay

PayPal Step 2



  1. Existing PayPal customers ( If you already have a PayPal account )

PayPal Step 1

  1. Log-in using you registered email address and enter password

PayPal Step 3

  1. Depending upon the security setting in your PayPal account, it may ask you for a verification through mobile or email. ( Optional )

PayPal Step 4

  1. Please enter the code received in your mobile or email.

PayPal Step 5

  1. Click on Agree & pay, and you’re are good to go.

PayPal Step 6